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Life is full of unexpected curveballs that heighten our emotions and add stress. Whether it’s work of life related, or you’re simply just not having the best day, an energy cleanse can help to put you in a better mood and act as a sort of restart button.

“As we maneuver throughout our day, we absorb energies and emotions of the people and environments around us, more often than not, unknowingly,” says intuitive guide, life coach, and advisor Hannah E. Frick. She explains that while these energies can be either positive or negative, but the latter can impact both our mood and the ways we show up in our relationships, home, and work environments.

This is where energy cleanses can come in handy. “Incorporating an energy cleanse into our day not only helps release any unwanted energies, but is also a way of claiming, ‘I take responsibility for how I show up in my environment and the energy I emit towards others,’” Frick says.

What does a self-guided energy cleanse do?

“Energy cleanses work on an energetic level to help us feel lighter and more grounded in our energy,” says Frick. In essences, it’s a visualization technique that assists in cleansing any stagnant negative energy, she says, adding that one minute in the morning and evening is all it takes.

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“The morning is important because it allows us to start the day feeling refreshed and cleansed in our energy field,” she says. “Replicating the ritual at the end of the day helps us get rid of any energies that may not be our own.” Frick suggests going through the cleanse while taking a shower in the morning or evening.

A one-minute, self-guided energy cleanse

1. Standing up in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2. While you breathe in and out, begin imagining a big ball of bright white light beaming down from the top of your head. Very slowly, visualize that bright white light moving down your body—starting at the crown of your head and passing over your face, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, all the way to your feet.

3. As it moves down the body, imagine this bright ball of light wiping away any unwanted residue, feelings, emotions, fears, attachments, etc., releasing and letting it all go.

4. Take your time and repeat if need be.

“This energy cleanse is a practice of embodiment,” says Frick. “Allow the bright light to sit in certain places of the body for longer if needed for a deeper cleanse and bigger release.”

She adds that when you have completed an energy cleanse, it’s important to ensure the bright light is sent away. “Send the light to your feet and root that energy into the earth so that you feel grounded,” she explains. “Finally I tap my body gently to move it into an awakened space and open my eyes.”