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How do I find the best SEO agency?

Follow the 8 tips below to help you find a SEO partner right for your business.

NOTE: These are the general guidelines which might not be applicable for every business.

SEO TIP #1 – Look for an SEO Company that specializes in Local SEO

SEO TIP #2 – Ask SEO company to have your site evaluated

SEO TIP #3 – Present SEO company with your SEO goals and confirm that they can meet your expectations

SEO TIP #4 – Define Your SEO Budget and clarify if you are paying for services by hour or by tasks performed

SEO TIP #5 – Clearly state that you don’t want to be locked into term-contract. Avoid agencies who insist on term-commitments

SEO TIP #6 – Schedule a Consultation and ask for clearly defined SEO strategy and timeline

SEO TIP #7 – Clearly explain that you DO NOT want Pay-Per-Click nor any kind of paid advertising through Social Media campaigns

SEO TIP #8 – Ask for monthly or bi-weekly SEO reports with the list of tasks performed (presuming your site is already linked to Google Analytics)

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