Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO
Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients about Search Engine Optimization and Advisory SEO Services.

Does business or website size matter?

Q: I have a Plumbing Business and my website has less than 5 pages. Do I need to do SEO for my business?


A: Regardless how large or small a website (or business) is, the most important SEO purpose is to bring online traffic to your website. Your business might have the most beautiful website design, but that is of little importance if nobody is visiting your online store. Well optimized and indexed website ensures that your business is visible to search crawlers which are scanning the content on your pages and determining how useful your website is to the Internet users.

How important is website content?

Q: I have a landscaping business and I only use my website to enable my customers to contact me. How much content and how many pages should I have on my website?


A: Content of each web page is one of the most important elements for every website who provides services or sell products. Internet spiders or crawlers like Googlebot, Bing, or Yahoo are constantly scanning the web and indexing websites and their content, so that they can provide the best search result to Internet visitors who are searching for answers to their inquiry. SEO term for user’s online search is called “Search Intent” and you can find the definition on our SEO Glossary page.

Each website is rigorously evaluated and ranked by crawlers to determine how well it serves user’s Search Intent by the quality of the information provided in that page, and then graded to determine in which order (how high) it should be presented in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The better your web page answers the Search Intent, the higher will get placed in SERP. It is important to understand that more than 90% of users look only at the first page of SERP for their answer. If your page is not listed in the top 3 pages in SERP, it will significantly decrease the number of visits to your page.

The importance of Local SEO

Q: What is Local SEO?

A: Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) involves optimizing your website and web properties in order to increase organic visibility in search engines. Essentially, local SEO will ensure that when anyone nearby searches for the products and/or services that you offer… They find YOUR business website!

Q: How can Local SEO Services help my business?

A: The days of using a phone book and Yellow pages are long gone, and online search engines have taken over to fulfill the local search intent of the users. This means if you want local customers to find your business when they search on Google, you need to optimize your website for Local SEO. 97% of people research businesses online, and 92% will choose businesses on the First-Page of local search results (SERP). Basically, if your business does not show up on the first-page of Google, you’re essentially invisible!

SEO Services for Local Businesses

Q: Can you do a Local SEO for Doctors or Dentists?

A: Yes. We do Local SEO for Dentists and Doctors as well. Most users looking for medical services will choose a medical practitioner located within 20 miles of their homes. So, it’s important for doctors to get listed on Google’s Local SEO results. The same is true for Chiropractors, Dermatologists, Acupuncturist or similar medical service providers.

Q: Will Local SEO increase sales and foot traffic to my store?

A: YES! That’s the whole point of SEO services for small business! By doing local SEO, you’re providing Google signals about your business and its offerings. This helps when someone is looking for your services online. Securing the top position in the local search (SERP) will result in a better chance of increasing sales and foot traffic.

Every Busines website need a SEO

Q: Do you provide local SEO services for Law Firms?

A: Yes. We are aware that 80% of millennials who seek legal assistance first use the Internet to find suitable attorneys. This is one of the reasons why we provide local SEO services to lawyers and law firms.

If you found Advisory SEO while searching on Google for “local SEO companies near me” or “nearby SEO Services” you have landed on the right page. We at Advisory SEO offer end-to-end local SEO solutions for local business owners.

We are SEO experts for Local SEO for Landscapers, Local SEO for Furniture Store, Local SEO for Plumbers, Local SEO for Yoga Studio, Local SEO for Roofers, Local SEO for Corner Store, Local SEO for Dentists, Local SEO for Small Businesses, Local SEO for Hair Salon, or any other type of local Business like: Restaurants, Sushi Place, Bakery, Pizzeria, Dry Cleaning, Optician, Notary, Gym, Bowling Alley, Embroidery, etc.

We are fully committed to fulfilling all your SEO needs and helping your business to stand out when compared to your competitors.

Q: What are the online users’ major Search Intents when searching the Internet?

A: Every online search has four major purposes: 1. To learn something new, 2. To explore a new places, 3. To get advice or information, 4. To research a product or service they want to buy

Aseo Google Search Intent

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