Combining orthopaedic special tests to improve diagnosis of shoulder pathology

@article{0e3be1a28a3e44be976a7664c31a7dca, title = “Combining orthopaedic special tests to improve diagnosis of shoulder pathology.”, abstract = “The use of orthopedic special tests (OSTs) to diagnose shoulder pathology via the clinical examination is standard in clinical practice. There is a great deal of research on special tests but much of the research is of a lower quality…

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Autofluorescence lifetime imaging classifies human lymphocyte activation and subtype

AbstractNew non-destructive tools are needed to reliably assess lymphocyte function for immune profiling and adoptive cell therapy. Optical metabolic imaging (OMI) is a label-free method that measures the autofluorescence intensity and lifetime of metabolic cofactors NAD(P)H and FAD to quantify metabolism at a single-cell level. Here, we investigate whether OMI can resolve metabolic changes between…

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Study Shows Carrot Websites Dominate Rankings For “Sell My House

Do you know… SEO has 2x-3x higher conversion over other online marketing channels? If you’re in the market for the most motivated leads, look no further than SEO. Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that helps real estate agents and investors improve their online visibility and ranking in search engine results. The question is,…

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Keyword Research [Beginner’s Guide to SEO]

Understand what your audience wants to find. Now that you’ve learned how to show up in search results, let’s determine which strategic keywords to target in your website’s content, and how to craft that content to satisfy both users and search engines. The power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market and…

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Algorithmic & Heuristic SEO

SEO is more than just keywords, research, and technical cleanliness. All of these are fundamental to doing proper optimization, but our field can go beyond that. SEO (opens in new tab) efforts can be separated into algorithmic and heuristic, both of which complement each other. About the authorRasa Sosnovskytė, Head of SEO and Growth Marketing at…

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