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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Resort 2024 Collection

Although Charles Jeffrey Loverboy is a year away from celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Scottish designer has just unveiled his first pre-collection. This indicates that business is thriving. And Jeffrey’s distinct aesthetic—in addition to his ambitious multimedia collaborations spanning across creative communities—is testament to the success of his independent label, which received investment from Italian…

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GOP-controlled Arizona House votes to expel Republican member

A Republican legislator in Arizona was expelled Wednesday after she invited an election denier to provide testimony laced with unsubstantiated allegations that various elected officials were involved in bribery schemes that affected the outcomes of the 2020 and 2022 elections.Rep. Liz Harris was ousted in a 46-13 vote, clearing the two-thirds majority needed for removal.An…

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Opening up about his anxiety and depression helped this former

When leaders of public companies and other high-profile institutions start speaking openly about their experiences with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges, the veil of shame that conceals many of these conversations at work starts to lift.   It can begin with an executive simply being open with their teams about their personal challenges. Or…

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Republican presidential hopefuls are already struggling with the abortion issue

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential contenders are struggling with the abortion issue early in the campaign, as they walk a tightrope between a party base that favors outlawing the procedure and a majority of the U.S. that wants it to remain legal in most cases.The issue has become more challenging for the GOP to navigate after…

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Backup Power: A Growing Need, if You Can Afford It

When frigid weather caused rolling blackouts on Christmas Eve across North Carolina, Eliana and David Mundula quickly grew worried about their 2½-week-old daughter, whom they had brought home days earlier from a neonatal intensive care unit.“The temperature was dropping in the house,” said Ms. Mundula, who lives in Matthews, south of Charlotte. “I became angry.”But…

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