I started my blog approximately 2 months ago. I’ve made 8 posts so far, all keyword researched (a mix of a couple zero-vol and mostly high-vol-low-comp words), 2,500 words long, int/ext links, images, etc.

I understand ranking can take 6 months – sometimes more, for new blogs – but I am wondering if 0 hits is normal at this stage? Should I be expecting at least a couple?

Here’s my Search Console analytics at last count. CTR is kind of abysmal right now (17.4% – 8 clicks out of 46 impressions), Average Position is 29.6.

My blog is a lifestyle blog, but my sub-niche is less saturated (I focus on unusual topics like spiritual atheism, and mindfulness in life without social media)

I can’t say I’ve self promoted, as of course I don’t use socials outside of casual chatter on Reddit.

Other things I’ve tried:

* Guest posts (nobody’s accepted any pitches yet, then again I’ve not sent THAT many)
* Quality blog comments
* Backlinking from my personal blog (equally new)

What SEO tips could I be missing? I devour every blog/video/mailing list course I can find, but I am on something of a budget and can’t afford to drop lots of money on it at the moment.


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