Outrank Your Competitors Online

How to outrank your competitors online?

Having a strong online presence is crucial for small businesses. But, you won’t get very far unless your customers are finding you on their own. You need a solid local SEO strategy to get there.

Setting up successful SEO strategy for YOUR specific business is the key

Whether you are a startup business owner trying to increase online traffic yourself… Or you are an established business looking to “get educated” and boost online presence so you can hire the right person and not waste time/funds/energy… You need successful SEO strategy for YOUR specific business.

SEO Strategy for small business

To take things a step further, you need to focus on local SEO in order to better establish your brand on the Internet. Not everyone knows how to go about it, though.

Incorporate Geo-Specific Keywords 

Local SEO involves driving traffic from people who are located near your business. It can be difficult to do so if you don’t focus on local keywords. They include your city, region, state, province and country. Then you need to add keywords for your specific business, industry or services.

Google My Business

Get your business visible in search engines by registering a free Google My Business account. That will allow you to publish details about your business like: Business Name, Location, Business description, and contact information.

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Integrate Google Maps

Adding Google Maps to your site’s contact page eliminates work that your audience has to do. Rather than copy and paste an address into a maps application, users will simply be able to click on the map and get directions to your business. They’ll also be able to visualize where your business is located before they even take their first action. The map needs to be incorporated into your regular website as well as in your Google My Business page.

Mobile Formatting

Many people who look for companies in their area tend to do so on their phones. This is especially true for restaurants, bars, etc. as people may be driving or walking while they search. So, your site needs to be mobile optimized if you want your audience to navigate through it.

Affordable SEO services for small business

There you have it. These are the most important tasks for every business toward ensuring your brand’s presence online is as strong as possible.

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