Hello to everyone! I hope you’re all staying healthy in these tough times.

I started my website [lazywise.com](https://lazywise.com) on 22.02.2020. After around 5 and a half months I see no organic traffic, on average 1 visitor a day! During this period of time, I wrote around 23 articles with around 1200 words each. I focused on long-tail keywords so that I can avoid most of the competition, but even that didn’t work well.

I checked the site speed and it’s above average so I don’t think that would be a problem.99% of the posts on my website are all informational because I avoided “Your money or your life posts”. I haven’t done any backlinking strategies simply because I don’t like artificial linkings, and I would like to get them naturally.

I know that the content is not significant, but it’s really hard to stay motivated when you get 1 or 2 visitors a day. As a niche site that is strictly focused on helping people deal with laziness, I don’t see much of a competition.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I have no previous experience with blogs so everything that you can share will help me a lot. Is this a normal thing for new websites or I’m doing something terribly wrong?


EDIT 1: Huge thanks to the Reddit SEO community. I never expected so much engagement from so many people, thanks for all the constructive criticism and advices.



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